Conception, Production & Execution

  • JGP HELLAS LTD, in-house department will assist you in fine-tuning your ideas for your vessel’s upgrading and refurbishment.
  • Whether you have a design or in need of inspiration, we can work with you to come up with a solution that will fit your needs.
  • Our team will plan and execute the project. From coordinating with your logistics department to handing over the space to the superintended, for us it is a seamless job.
  • JGP Hellas is a professional contractor which can undertake any demanding Interior Outfitting Project on a Turn Key basis.Having as a target the best quality, the time schedule, the proper coordination and cost controlling we can complete successfully any project according to Owner’s requests.In full respect of classification requirements, all materials used on board are in accordance with SOLAS rules and regulations.The basic steps of a Project that our team can provide:
    • Presentation of Drawings and Visuals of the areas to be Build / Refurbished.
    • Preparation, or provide support, to the work specification and detailed specification of the materials (ie. wall finishes, furniture, fabrics, etc.)
    • Final Drawings good for execution on board
    • Coordination and support of Interior and Technical execution plans.
    • Materials Procurement and Manufacturing of all the components required.
    • Installation, coordination and completion of the works.
    • Deliver and sign off the area in Fully Operational Condition.

As per your needs, any of the above services can be selected or a full TURN KEY project.